Paint Removal

How can Big Easy Blasting, LLC remove paint fast, clean and green?

Our Eco-Friendly process is much more effective than power washing and is the perfect tool for cleaning and restoring masonry, stone, brick, concrete and more. 

With the our adjustable pressure and abrasive flow, we have  complete control over the strength of blasting, meaning the substrate won't be harmed.  In addition to, our process is far more effective than power washing. 

Graffiti, line stripes, calcium / oil stains, mildew and even 100 years of grime can be removed with our powerful abrasive system. 

Big Easy Blasting, LLC uses recycled glass and water as the blast media, ensuring no harm to nearby plant life and in compliant with governmental regulations.

We can completely removes paint, oil stains, tar, and thermoplastic from pavement, leaving a clean, like-new surface. 


Brick Blasting

Quickly eliminate paint from bricks, wood or cinder blocks!