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We are much like a sandblasting service but with an Eco Safe twist!?

Sanding and grinding  is back-breaking and harsh chemicals are dangerous when it comes  to stripping your marine vessel.  Our process is faster, safer, and more efficient than traditional methods.  From anti-fouling paint, epoxy, to heavy marine growth,Big Easy Blasting, LLC will remove almost any coating you will encounter. 

  Because  Big Easy Blasting, LLC mixes water with the abrasive, blast media and residue are trapped which prevents contaminants from releasing into the air. This  keeps surrounding areas clean and free from mess, and it means that you  can work in marinas without disturbing other people and vessels.  

Reduced Dust Plume

Our dust free process keeps surrounding areas clean, and allows others to continue working nearby safely.

The Mobile Advantage

Unlike traditional sandblasting service methods, there is no need for bulky containment methods. This means we can take our machine anywhere!

Safe For All Surfaces

Whether you're working with steel, aluminum or fiberglass, our surface prep process won't warp or damage the substrate.

Handle Virtually Any Coating

From anti-fouling paint, to epoxy, to heavy marine growth, Big Easy Blasting, LLC can remove it all!

Bottom paint removal can be a whole lot easier with our Eco-friendly process! 

The blast pressure on our mobile unit can be adjusted to safely remove anti-fouling paint from the hull of fiberglass boats, without damaging the gel coat!

This means that everything from small craft, to large yachts, to industrial ships can be stripped with our mobile blasting unit!  

     We cover all areas of the Gulf South including New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Gulfport!


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