Why is Big Easy Blasting, LLC the perfect choice for automotive surface prep?

Big Easy Blasting, LLC is the perfect answer to blast away automotive paint, body filler, and rust.  Our method is faster, cleaner & greener than any other paint  stripping technology.  


     Because our process can suppress dust, we can blast just about anywhere without worrying about the bulky containment associated with traditional  sand or soda blasting.  This means we can take our mobile machines to our customer's location, offering a convenient  premium service! 

     Sandblasting can damage metal because it doesn't break down so it creates a large amount of friction and heat. which causes the metal to warp.  Not only that, but sand and soda impregnates and contaminate metal in blasting processes, which then needs to be cleaned and decontaminated. 


     We use crushed glass abrasive as our main blasting media, which is not only Eco - Safe, but also allows us to clean, DE-oxidize  DE-chlorinize metal surfaces as we blast.   When we remove paint, rust and body filler from vehicles, we use an ultra fine 70/100 crushed glass abrasive, leaving the surface ready to be primed! 

     Our process actually cleans the surface, leaving it free of contaminates and soluble salts that cause flash rust.  In addition to this, the  rust inhibitor that we use gives your surface a primer-ready surface for up to 72 hours.  This makes it the perfect method of paint stripping for the automotive restoration business.

                 We proudly service all ares from New Orleans, Baton Rouge to    


             We also have a paint shop on site that can take care of all of our    

              customers painting needs!  


                       Ask us about our newly added epoxy primer & painting   


                      All of our painting is done by Metal Menders Collision Center!



  •                                Watch the amazing paint removal of this 1968 MGB!

Paint and Rust Removal

Paint and Rust Removal

Paint and Rust Removal


We can remove paint, primer, rust and chloride leaving a perfect paint ready surface.  Our process also can prevent flash rust for up to 72 hrs!   

(Results may vary)

Chrome Removal

Paint and Rust Removal

Paint and Rust Removal


Our machine can remove chrome from rims, motorcycle parts, bumpers and more! 


Paint and Rust Removal

Motorcycle Frames


Intake manifolds with caked on grime  are no match for our 

Eco-safe mobile blasting unit! 

Motorcycle Frames

Motorcycle Frames

Motorcycle Frames


Big Easy Blasting removes paint and rust from motorcycle frames quickly and effortlessly.

We are Mobile!

Motorcycle Frames

We are Mobile!


Big Easy Blasting, LLC proudly serves New Orleans and surrounding parishes!


Motorcycle Frames

We are Mobile!


We can restore rims in the blink of an eye!  Ready for the paint booth!

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