Graffiti Removal

Let Big Easy Blasting, LLC be your complete graffiti removal & restoration specialists!

"When the writing is on the wall, give us a call"!  

Big Easy Blasting, LLC can easily and completely remove graffiti, while leaving the underlying surface undamaged and stripped clean of any paint, dirt, or other contaminants. 

Without a huge plume of dust like sandblasting, we can work safely in almost any urban environment.  

Safe for all surfaces

The pressure and flow are easily adjustable, making our mobile unit ideal for cleaning a variety of surfaces including historic concrete, brick, wood, and more.


Our mobile unit is the "Ultimate graffiti removal powerhouse"!

Eco-friendly process

By suppressing the plume of dust, we can work safely in almost any urban environment without containment.  The power behind our method is highly compressed air and water mixed with an abrasive media.  All of our abrasive materials are Eco-Safe such as re manufactured crushed recycled bottle glass and garnet!

Quick and complete

Our Eco-Safe process is faster and more  effective than other cleaning methods. 

We proudly serve all areas from New Orleans, Baton Rouge to Gulfport!

Graffiti Removal on St. Claude Ave. New Orleans

Graffiti removal in New Orleans

Graffiti Removal segment from channel 4WWL New Orleans!

Graffiti Removal Specialists!