Industrial Equipment & Refinery

Media blasting money saver for the industrial world

Our  process allows you to perform refinery or industrial maintenance quickly and efficiently without shutting down plant operations.  Others can continue to work alongside this dust free process because there is no huge plume of  dust with our Eco Safe media blasting process. This system doesn't create ignitable sparks or static electricity, making it far safer than traditional dry blasting.

Big Easy Blasting, LLC can quickly strip paint and primer while also removing rust, grease, and other contaminants in one easy step. 


While sandblasting takes about 30 seconds for every square inch of powder coating removal, our process can take about a minute per square FOOT  thanks to its unique and powerful process.

Chemical stripping involves dipping powder coated parts into cumbersome vats of toxic chemicals, which is both dangerous and expensive.  Big Easy Blasting, LLC uses Eco-friendly abrasive and is far cheaper and safer than other surface prep methods.  

Because our process suppresses the dust plume, others can work nearby unhindered, keeping you productive and profitable. 

Workers will also stay safe,

since there are no static electricity or ignitable sparks are produced, This process is safe for oil rig platforms.  Our mobile unit can even be used on live pipelines eliminating down time.

Finally, because the process is so efficient, it uses far less abrasive and water than any other method,   meaning less material to transport to and from the offshore platform. 

Give us a call, from New Orleans, Baton Rouge to Gulfport, we blast it all!